All You Need is Lasertag!

Did you know that playing a game of lasertag is actually good for you? Here are some of the benefits you can get from playing this game of simulated combat, especially if it is played as a team versus team game:

  1. Lasertag teaches the value of teamwork. Whatever your team’s goal is, whether it’s to capture the other team’s base or to score more points, you have to learn to work together towards achieving that goal. You know about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and where each member of your team is best suited. You also learn how to communicate with each other in the heat of “battle” so that you can still accomplish your goals even if the other team makes a surprise move that forces you to change your plans.
  2. Frequently running to evade the other team or to pursue them is already considered a cardio workout. This makes lasertag a much better alternative to recreational activities that don’t require a lot of physical movement, such as playing video games all day. Besides, if it’s a shooting game you want, wouldn’t it be much more exciting to play a real-live version of it (not using real guns, of course) with your friends than to just settle for the one in the virtual world?
  3. You may be in it to win it, but even if your team loses, you can’t deny the fact that this game fosters camaraderie much like other team sports. And the best part? Anyone can play! It’s okay if you feel you’re too short to play basketball or you can’t run fast enough to play football; in lasertag, lack of athletic ability is not necessarily a disadvantage. In fact, this is more a game of skill and strategy (and simulated lasers) than of anything else, so don’t worry about giving this game a try if you’re not really into sports in general.
There may be other benefits that you can get from a good game of lasertag, but the ones mentioned here should be enough to convince you and your friends to try it out (if you haven’t already done so). Lasertag might not be as popular as some other recreational activities, but the fact that it has been around for decades (and that it continues to be played in many countries) speaks a lot about its unique appeal to people young and old.

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